Friday, March 08, 2013

The RINO and the Lion

1 Rand Paul: "Going Down Senator McCain? Ha, look who I'm asking?"

2 Rand Paul: "Did I miss dinner with the SCOAMF? Oh, sorry, I was too busy SAVING THE FUCKING CONSTITUTION!"

3. Landslide McCain: "I suppose you think I'm what they call a 'useful idiot.'"Rand Paul: "I never said 'useful.'"


blue said...

women in pony tail: "Who farted?"

chronos the wonder pig said...

McCain: "If the elevator gets stuck, I might get to stick her!"

Carpe Phlogiston said...

McCain: Hey, I can smell your c...!
Woman: Sir, you cannot talk to me like that... I am NOT your wife!

Jack Reacher said...

Rand: No, Senator, I was never actually on your lawn. That was some other kids.

Jack Reacher said...

Rand: I notice you keep staring at your can of orange juice, Senator McCain.

John: Yeah, it says "concentrate" on it.

Carpe Phlogiston said...

Thawtbubble - Woman @far rear: Gawd, I wish that old letcher McCain would stop staring at my boobs!
Thawtbubble - Blonde @door: OMG, if John would only stare at my boobs like that.
Thawtbubble - McCain: Oooh, she's got a pudding cup in her purse.
Thawtbubble - Rand: Must not stare or I'll end up lampooned on CaptionThis.