Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Ellen

1. Portia di Rossi's "Hillary Clinton" Look was a huge hit at the Leather Womny's retreat.

2. "Lookit me! I'm an infant! Suckle! Suckle! Suckle!"

3. Lesbian Motorboating.

4. Total number of boobs in the above picture: 9

5. Ellen DeGenerate, still more subtle than BJ Clinton.


Dr. Doom said...

"Oh yeah," thought Ellen, "That's why I'm a lesbian..."

Whacko said...

"Ah! So THOSE are tits!

metalgarth said...

"Eat your heart out Al Bundy, I can drool all over these 'uns' and no one will do anything about it"

dadoctah said...

I think I'm gonna give the new Charlie's Angels reboot a pass.

racerboy said...

"Yeah? Well if you had tits like these, I could fire the pool girl!!"