Friday, January 25, 2013

Wakey Wakey

1. Someone on 4Chan had to bring up Asian-Bestiality-Watersports Pr0n.

2. Had this been an actual "Obama and the Mainstream Media" metaphor, the girl would be actively licking the dog's nutsack while he was pissing in her face.

3. Someone's going to end up as "General Tso's 'beef''" tonight.

4. "This is for cutting me off at Exit 21, bitch!"

5. It was a very short journey from fetish pr0n to local news for Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa


Dr. Doom said...

Anatomy of a perfect metaphor:
Dog = Obama Administration
Girl = American Taxpayer

GregMan said...

Dog thought bubble: "Maybe her boobs will start growing if I water them."

Girl thought bubble: "I thought it wasn't supposed to rain today."

GregMan said...

I see the Safe School Czar is working on the biology curriculum now.

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Anonymous said...

and yet no one comments on how the person taking the picture didn't try to stop what was happening.

How did America decline?

Kaptain Krude said...

Hero dog: rousing unconscious people since 2011.

Kaptain Krude said...

Rex practices his Kegel fire-extinguishing exercises.

Steve O said...

She thought she would like dogs. But she also thought she'd like Obamacare. So, one more surprise is coming.

Dactyl said...

Bet you didn't know that Dub has a dog.

Carpe PHlogiston said...

As I recall, Dub would really be turned on by this photo.


Disclaimer: The revolutionary Acne Miracle Cure described in this ad by an unemployed Central Park dogwalker have not been verified by the FDA. OTOH, dozens of compensated celebrities (well, maybe Charlie Sheen) will vouch for it.


Dog Thawtbubble: I can never remember, do you pee on a sunburn or a jelly fish sting? Oh well... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Dabbobean said...

Dog is 1/32 St Bernard....has strong family tradition of reviving avalanche victims from cask of brandy worn on collar.

Dog is also owned by U.S. Marine .....has been trained to improvise, overcome, and adapt.