Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Monors


Double the U said...

Something something, carve turkey Nicole reference, think you are funny, think you are the first to think it. something something.

Anonymous said...

How 'bout Double the F U?

Carpe Phlogiston said...

Worst advertising move ever #128:
Just before the brutal murders, the Florida Citrus Assoc's #1 holiday menu recommendation was "baste turkeys with OJ"


Simpson did a great impression of Eddie Murphy imitating Mr. Rogers.


Paid spokesman for Ginzu Wonderblade Knives - "Lookit, I can vouch for dees shanks. Dey's made from 100% Titanimolybadenum stuff and can slice through anything, yo.


To save money, Obamalama wanted the GPO to reprint an old White House holiday card. Now, they're spending millions investigating the Secret Service to find the practical joker who tampered with the interoffice envelope.

Kaptain Krude said...

Well, we know he's pretty good at carving turkeys up.

Jive turkeys, that is.