Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Some Presidents Ride Unicorns. Others... Do Not.

Deviant Art


dadoctah said...

About 0.01% as awesome as

Steve O said...

He may like to party hardy, but once Steve O takes off the red wig, and the bottles off his head, he really gets down to business.

Serious business.

Carpe Phlogiston said...

@Dadoctah - It's a shame that piece of paper didn't contain the footnotes:
1) no freaking "entitlements"
2) no freaking "reparations"
3) not applicable to carjackers, drug dealers, gangbangers, rapists or fans of rap/hiphop
4) free 1-way ticket back to the Dark Continent to any ungrateful shit who even suggests they'd have been better off back there

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Kaptain Krude said...

If that velociraptor is so damn awesome, how come the flag is so torn, huh? Yeah, didn't think of that, did you, V the Koward? This is about as historically accurate and believable as you purporting that the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor! Oh well, at least it isn't pictures of tits and animals kissing!

(Or was that too literate to be a liberal troll? The 'purport' thing tips it off, right?)