Friday, July 13, 2012

Mmmm, Delicious Substance

1. The guy who made the bet "If Romney gets a standing Ovation at the NAACP conference, I'll eat Michael Moore's navel lint" pays up.

2. "Sure, it looks like sh-t, and it smells like sh-t, but there's really only one way to be sure."

3. And Number 41,357 on the list of "Things Easier to Swallow Than Obama's Official Biography."

4.  For lunch, his choices were "Whatever I get from the body cavity search on that goat herder" or "Arby's."

5. Starfleet was scandalized when Word of Starbase 14's 'Tribble Eating Contests" leaked out.


Dr. Doom said...

MREs in the post death panel era were renamed SGs. It didn't taste bad but it was better not to know where it came from. ORA?

Carpe Phlogiston said...

US Navy barbers are expected to keep shop floors spotless. Ronnie not only follows orders to the letter... he's become something of a connoisseur.


Elwood's on deployment, and his dear wife Doris has sent him a special "fur pie" CARE package.


NAVY CUSTOMS you did not know about #728: The sailor that catches a rat, eats the rat.

dadoctah said...

Grasping at all opportunities to cure his MS, Jack Osbourne tries his dad's suggested bat-diet treatment.

Joshua said...

It was common for soldiers to trick new recruits into eating "toilet tuna" as part of their survival training.

Carpe Phlogiston said...

One reason Ernie loves Shore Patrol duty... he gets to eat some of the items he confiscates from drunk and disorderly sailors.


Marketing Stunts Gone Awry #219
In a botched attempt to expand market share the makers of Brillo Pads once teamed up with Colon Cleanse.

Spineless Vertebra said...

That's only the beginning of what he's willing to do for a Klondike Bar.