Friday, June 29, 2012

Two Crushing Disappointments: Prometheus and The ObamaCare Ruling

Cinematic Open Thread

1. "I hate these complicated Japanese toilets."

2. The worst part about being sodomized by Chief Justice Roberts, he expects you to thank him.

3. It's Hollywood, so of course Earth's most brilliant scientist is also a top underwear model.

4. Stumbling drunkenly through a corridor in a bra and panties, pursued by a guy in fetish suit... I miss frat life.

5. ORA: Another one of Madonna's organ banks attempts to escape the clonus facility.


Spineless Vertebrae said...

"Thanks to ObamaCare, I can have my alien baby abortion at an affordable price!"

Dr. Doom said...

"How did that Mongolian Meat Man get up here anyway?", thought Alicia, "It was probably some sort of taxpayer funded green energy dodge..."

Carpe Phlogiston said...

SHIP! Don't you ever turn off the artificial gravity again when I'm in the middle of projectile vomiting.


History Repeats Itself
Two hundred fifty years from now and another White House intern staggers away from the Oval Office wondering why she didn't swallow.

Spin said...

The Girl with the Bad Tattoos

Steve O said...

Unsurprisingly, the $1 Trillion Prometheus project that resulted in the utter destruction of the spaceship, and the deaths of all but one crew member was STILL less of a disaster than Obamacare.

Steve O said...

John Roberts rules Prometheus to be "First rate entertainment!" and "Futuristically realistic!"