Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mmm Delicious Foil

1. And in Obama's second term, white twinks were grateful for whatever sustenance they could get.


Carpe Phlogiston said...

Harry liked to impress his dates with magic tricks. Pulling a 100' roll of aluminum foil out of his mouth was always a show stopper.


Agent Saunders sat quietly counting his lucky stars. Had he not picked this week to be on vacation, he'd have been bumping uglies with the Cartegena whores, too.


Note to self: Never bet a literalist $1000 you can eat anything in your fridge.
That orange juice carton was bad, but after this foil that covered the casserole, I've still got 3 Tupperware containers and a pickle jar to swallow.

Spineless Vertebrae said...

"Dude, you got all the crack already."

JohnS1959 said...

"Obama Administration economic policy is kind of like throwing out the candy bar and eating the wrapper", thought Maynard, "Oh well at least it is recyclable..."

Dactyl said...

If I bite down on this side, I can hear the ballgame, but if I bite down on this side I can hear the aliens plotting their invasion...I better make a hat out of this.

metalgarth said...

Hey! It's better than eating the Arby's sandwich it came with.