Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter Monors


Anonymous said...

Obama annointed an Easter Tsar??


Anonymous said...


Praise the One, for 'He has arisen'; the Obama Easter Tzar.

Quick, someone rewrite the New Testament in a Progressive way!


Submariner said...

Shi-tting hard boiked eggs is a piece of cake after performing with a hand up your tush, eh Edgar?

Carpe Phlogiston said...

Edgar was against putting little girls in beauty pagents, but he saw nothing wrong with dressing Charlie up and taking him out on stage when he was very young. Hypocrite.


Oh Edgar, you're so handsome, so charming. giggle Of course I'll go to bed with you... WTF is that on the floor next to your nightstand!!?!?!?


Thawtbubble: One minute I'm the limb of a tree, the next I'm dressed up like a rabbit with a hand up my butt. Sometimes I envy firewood.

dadoctah said...

Joe Biden accepts his role within the administration with quiet dignity.