Friday, April 20, 2012

Give That Kid a Sammitch

Divine Miss M

1. A young Callista Flockhart arrives at Day Care.

2. When hipster parents grow tired of their fashion accessories.

3. Vern Troyer spontaneously combusted this week...

4. The President eats dogs, but the First Lady's tastes were somewhat more exotic.

5. "Let Joe Biden take care of the kid, you said. He'll be fine, you said."

6. After a hard night of partying in Cartegena, the SecState needed a massive life-force recharge.


JohnS1959 said...

Wow - the new California child seat laws are harsh...

JohnS1959 said...

This is a perfect metaphor for the Obama Administration's approach to regulating offshore oil drilling...

metalgarth said...

Megadeth and Raffi team up for the ultimate road trip cd for your toddler.

dadoctah said...

"Are we there *YET*?!"

Carpe Phlogiston said...

Why Chrysler recalled 400,000 defective moon roofs: Phoenix...mid-summer at noon... 130 in the shade


Nadine, that dorn't look like a normal solar E-clipse, do it?


The TSA finally acknowledges the possibility of minor side effects to the see-thru body scanners.


Hon, did we forget anything?


That kid's going to need years of psychotherapy before he forgives his dad.


Totally stumped, Scully and Mulder flip a coin -
heads it's spontaneous combustion
tails El Chupacabra strikes again


Please Excuse the Delay
Dusty's Car Wash is temporarily closed while we adjust the thermostat on the dryers.

Kaptain Krude said...

"Hello baby," dub purred seductively.

Carpe Phlogiston said...

Bambi had all the top Paris, Milan and NYC modeling agencies beating a path to her door.


Driver, let's go around the block a few times. Maybe those protesters will get bored and waddle off to the donut shop.


Anorexic Thawtbubble: Jeez, one gummybear and I feel bloated.

Anorexic Thawtbubble #2: I'd love a gummybear but a moment on the lips means a lifetime on the hips!


Resourceful parents find unique ways to reduce the high cost of diapers.

GregMan said...

Yet another Cap This poster waits just a little too long for the "Best Of's".

GregMan said...

The scene in the presidential limo was horrific after the Secret Service ran out of dog.

Spin said...

Baby Skeletor would exact his revenge for this day

Dactyl said...

Grim Reaper, Jr. being chauffered to his first day at Sidwell Friends School.

Submariner said...

Vlad to Mrs. Drakula; "I thought YOU shut the sun-roof for Jr..."

Submariner said...
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Submariner said...

Tonight on MYTHBUSTERS...
Jaime and Adam explore "5 minute convenience stops." What can go wrong and what will get blown up? Tune in and see!