Monday, April 16, 2012

Flotter and Trevis

1. The SCOAMF was delighted with the FLOTUS's makeover. "I knew if we tied that nappy weave into a a tight enough knot she'd be forced to smile."

2. The POTUS always accompanied the FLOTUS for walks after a good rain to hunt for fresh gagh.

3. "F--- Ann Romney for never working a day in her life. I am sure her husband could have got her a no-show hospital job for $300K a year."

4. FLOTUS: "Weight loss. Chronic diarrhea. Persistent Cough. Sores. Yup, you got the AIDS all right. Have you told Chris Matthews yet? He deserves to know, you know."

5. POTUS: "What are you smiling about, woman? Are you thinking of Dicky Simpkins again?" Best of Cat Whisperer “I can’t tell if we are doing this right. Get me my Czar from the Ministry of Silly Walks!” Best of prince of leaves M'Chel: [queeeeeef!] [snicker!] Barack: "Ooof, jeez...shallots on your salad again?" Threadwinner: Spin Meet the Smugles


Cat Whisperer said...

“I can’t tell if we are doing this right. Get me my Czar from the Ministry of Silly Walks!”

Carpe Phlogiston said...

'Chel Thawtbubble: In my version of Attack of the 50-ft Black Woman, a President's wife steps on a lot of little white people. LOL, I mean ants.


'Chel Thawtbubble: giggles I thinks mah kiss and tell book title should be- "Not All Black Men Have Big'uns"


Heel, BO, one step behind. That's a good boy. Finally gots him trained. Walkeeeez! Walkeeeez!

blue said...

Separated at birth?

Carpe Phlogiston said...

Bo & Chel get silly while spitballing ideas on balancing the budget:
Ask everyone in the country to keep their hope but send in their spare change?
Skim 10% off every welfare recipient's check and fat cat tax deductions?
Sell opium and marijuana we can grow in the Rose Garden, Mt. Vernon and the US Botanic Garden?
Sell new planets discovered by NASA for $10000 apiece?
Hold another million man march and charge $200 per person?
Put a swear jar in the latrine at every military post?
Auction off everything that isn't nailed down in the White House?
But not the drapes!!
Okay, not the drapes

Dr. Doom said...

The Obamas contemplate their next taxpayer funded vacation...

prince of leaves said...

M'Chel: [queeeeeef!] [snicker!]
Barack: "Ooof, jeez...shallots on your salad again?"

Spin said...

Meet the Smugles

GregMan said...

Obambi: "I sho am looking forward to having the dog fo' lunch!"