Friday, March 23, 2012

Meanwhile, Back in Uganda or Somewhere

1. And then, Dawn licked all the black children clean.

2. "Madonna, another group of children for you to drain the life force from... I mean, consider for adoption."

3. "Free birth control? Why would I want that? Now, let's get down to the welfare office, kids."

4. "For just $3 a month, you can make a difference in the life of one of these adult Pygmies."

5. Why do 3/4 of the kids in that picture have male pattern baldness?


blue said...

no, no, no, when M'Chel said she wanted children for lunch, she meant.....

metalgarth said...

Sorry kids, but "The Tour" (Kiss & Motley Crue) is not scheduled to stop in Uganda

prince of leaves said...

Stuff Expat Aid-Workers Like: teaching kids in sub-Saharan Africa to yell "That's RAAAACIST!" like the boy in that ani-gif.

prince of leaves said...

Stuff Ronery UN Peacekeepers Like: children who can touch their chins with their tongues.

Carpe Phlogiston said...

Viitors were disappointed that the peanut vending machine was empty that day.


The Santorem American Dream: "It takes a village to create 30 more villages."


Does 'Chel Suspect Hanky Panky?
All these future hoodie-wearers look like her husband.


Drive-by Group Dental Exams
This could be an example of Doctors without Borders on a busy day or the nightmare of life all over Amerika if a Republican Anti-Abortion Unhealthcare bill passes.


Ever watch an Acorn vote collector orgasm?

Dr. Doom said...

In a surprising move to improve efficiency, the government opened a series of community based depots where taxpayers can quickly acquire a small black child to carry on their backs...

dadoctah said...

Frankly, I've just about given up trying to keep track of Marie Osmond's career path.

dadoctah said...

Answering the age-old question: how do you solve a problem like Maria?

Submariner said...

OK, kids; say
"Gub'mint Cheese!"

Submariner said...


"OK kids, here's a hint: the lifesaver I just gave you tastes like what your daddy calls your mommy"
Front left: "What's a 'daddy?'"
Front right; "Spit it out - it's an a$$hole!"

Submariner said...

"Aieeeee! Gojirrah!"
"Uh, no kids; that's the Secretary of State..."