Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weird Al and Team Edward


1.Hey, what's Weird Al doing with my crossbow target?

2. "Yeah, my career hit 'Twilight' right after 'Amish Paradise.'"

3.   ♪ ♫ "'She ran calling v-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-mpire... She ran calling v-a-a-a-a-mpire...' Nah, too seventies." ♪ ♫

4.  'Andrew Sullivan had a yard sale. It still has slobber stains on it. I hope that's slobber. How long does the HIV virus survive in open air."

5. Do you have any idea how many emotionally stunted middle-aged women I had to fight off at Dollar Tree to claim this prize?


sonicfrog said...

ORA: Weird Al bought the thing because he thought it was a rare Tim Finn pillow.

(Hey, sooner or later, we all lose track of what's current in the fads of the day).

Double The U said...

ORA: A young Tiny Tim shows of his pillow dedicated to Miss Vicki.

prince of leaves said...

In a prank gone horribly wrong, Al plucked out his own eyes after waking up face-down and face-to-face with that.

prince of leaves said...

What's the big deal? AC/DC did "Maximum Overdrive". Queen did "Flash Gordon". You're gonna complain if REO Speedwagon does a concept album in homage of the "Twilight" movies?

Carpe Phlogiston said...

Sorry, I just don't get the whole woman trapped in a man's body thing. I mean, what woman wants to look like that?


For a $10 contribution, Ernie/Ernestine will channel a long dead relative. For $20, he/she will do it with his/her clothes ON.


Please remain seated... we interrupt this seance for a brief commercial message from your friends at NetFlix.


Twilight - Breaking Dawn... sadly, they broke her ATDHE


Bollywood's version: Twilight - Breaking Wind

metalgarth said...

putting the "weird" in "Weird Al"

Dr. Doom said...

I for one can't wait until Weird Al does his parody of Glee performing Twilight the Musical...