Wednesday, January 11, 2012

That's Impressive

1. As usual, the American Team dominated Olympic pole-dancing.

2. Taking down the Festivus pole really marks the end of the holiday season.

3. The ten foot pole allowed Anderson Cooper to touch her.

4. "...and then, just as the limber blonde underwear-model gymnast was about to hand me my Motor Trend Car of the Year Award... I woke up."

5. John Huntsman's favorite blond intern returns with that 'poll' he asked for.


Passionate Conservative said...

Ladies and gentlemen, John Holmes is back from the dead and perfectly preserved in chrome!

Submariner said...

Of the two, dub prefers the silver-plated one without a hint of belly roll...

Carpe Plogiston said...

9 out of 10 blondes ask how to prevent clothes hangers from falling off.


SIGH - Sweetie's just informed me that I can indeed get one for her birthday... but only if I want to learn how to dance on it.

WordVerify: imotox - For wrinkle-free instant messages

jj said...

Of course she's blond...who else would have bought a ticket to Warsaw when she found out she was going to Pole Dancing School?