Friday, November 25, 2011

Kneepads and How to Use Them


1. "OMG! OMG! Yes, yes, OMG, yes. I *will* marry you!"

2. "On second thought, Tom, don't show me how you got the scholarship to Penn State."

3. "Dang it, Roy! I was just trying to say a little pre-game prayer, and you had to walk over and make it into oral-sex-joke bait."

4. "C'mon baby, take me back. I've changed, really. C'mon baby."

5. "Forget that ref, I already tried. He's a total breeder."


Passionate Conservative said...

I'm telling you, #69 is making eyes at me! He's so hot!

Submariner said...

C'MON Bubba; I promise I'll try harder!

dadoctah said...

This is where we find out how many times 2 goes into 40.

Dr. Doom said...

"Come on", begged Carl, "Let's see if we can get him to flag us for illegal motion in my backfield."

Submariner said...


how I love ya, how I love ya...

Anonymous said...

"Climb upon my knee sonny boy,
Though you're only three sonny boy."