Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cheer Up


Double the U said...

Never trust a girl you need to buy insurance for.

divine miss m said...

Double-double good-good pom-poms, go-gos, and ta-tas.

dub said...

I dont know where to start...the belly roll on the left, or the illegitimate love child of John Kerry and Mr. Peanut on the right.

Carpe Phlogiston said...

Guess the Queen of Hearts was on the phone lining up her next cheerleader gig.


Carpe Thawtbubble - Please PLEASE do not start jumping up and down. Nothing ruins an expo like full frontal fat jiggling.


To attract guys to expo exhibits, auto execs hire trim sexy models. OTOH, insurance execs want to tap into the rapidly expanding (pun) overweight female demographic.


Just a thought - shouldn't the booth be outside so the chubs can wear the tent?

Spin said...

Salty ole Megan passes the pom-poms on to the next generation, her daughter Pepper.

VW - frakemb either or both.

Steve O said...

Can YOUR insurance company do that?

Steve O said...

Life Insurance. Now with happy ending benefits.