Thursday, February 18, 2010

And One More


dub said...

Nice heels...but mine match my pink banana sling.

Carpe Phlogiston said...

Normally, upholsterers wouldn't put the padding on the outside of the fabric, but she's 100% washable.


Anni has one of the finest, tightest tushies in the sports world, but her big boobs reach the finish line several seconds before her butt does.

jj said...

Why is this woman laying on one of M'chelle's gowns?

Double the U said...

Oh no, I wasn't allowed on grandma's couch with a drink of any kind, I can't image what she would say about that.

fshafer said...

they look nice when they're young and they feel great. However, once they reach maturity you will be sorry you messed with them. Totally insane and self absorbed.....and, they paint their faces to enhance the look.
a Big trap

also, after maturity, they progressively look worse, day by day until they become shrieking hags.