Saturday, January 30, 2010

Second Rate Pronography Saturday


Al Bubdy said...

Hooters, Hooters
Yum, Yum ,Yunm
Hooter, Hooters
On a girl that dumb!

racerboy said...

Marcy can't wait till Al 'n Steve get distracted by the new issue of Big 'Uns, and Heidi can teach her all about that "refrigeration unit"...

Submariner said...

Immediately after this scene, Marcie had her come over and increase the vibration when the washing maching entered the spin cycle.

Anonymous said...

Episode 18. Season 2. 1987.
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Part 1"

Mad about their husbands checking out a tight ass, Marcy and Peg go to a male strip club. Marcy loses her wedding ring in a male stripper's pants.

I think the stripper's name was Zorro.

My wife says I enjoy that show too much.


Submariner said...

OK, Steve, you go get the Panda hats and I'll get the "Old Bamboo..."