Thursday, November 26, 2009



Kaptain Krude said...

Poor girl. Spent all that money on the boob job, when she should have spent it on getting hands.

wv: syclopt - Why yes, I can see where she would be seeing a lot of guys with one eye.

dub said...

The only rolls I like to see on Thanksgiving are the ones on my plate next to the taters.

Carpe Phlogiston said...

There's difference between skintight and shrinkwrapped. If she wore a bodysuit that tight, her ears would be the size of kites.
(dub, at least she's got tighter abs than the gut on the out-of-focus cheerleader)

WordVerify: dedish- what we sometimes enjoy on Thursdays

blue said...

no, no, Debbie, before Dallas will notice, you must inflate your bra