Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in Best ofs...

Told you it was gonna be teh lame.

January "Dammit, Jim! I'm a doctor, not an emo kid! Now someone get this damned wig off of me!"
- Frank IBC

They wanted to get all family members in the shot, but Leatherface had to take the picture.

Somewhere a Motel 6 is missing its pillowcases.
- Trigger Girlie

As she lost touch over the years with the other members of Mystery Inc., Thelma drowned her loneliness in a steady diet of Ben & Jerry's, Snickers and Jolt Cola.
- Adjustah

In an ironic twist, Mr. Moore was a victim of his own research into his new documentary entitled "Can Eating 300 Bags of Funyuns Induce Downs' Syndrome"
- mklasing

"Everything floats down here, Georgiana. When you're down here with us, you'll float too."
- Duke of Red

Spit it out, Timmy. How much for your sister?"
- Van Helsing


Holy Christ, where did you get this, who in mortal Hell took the photo and why, and why do you hate humanity?
- Two Dogs

"Please, Hillary! I'm loyal!... Stop your scan, you're hurting me! The Corps is mother! The Corps is father!" - SOTG

I'm thinking you and Flicka are more than just "friends." - silhouette

A little known Sharia rule states that a woman may talk with John Edwards without a chaperone with no threat of stoning.
- Seoulman

Chris Matthew's personal secretary, at work after an unusually spirited speech in Ohio by Barack Obama. - Mega

While staring at this pic, I count approximately seven thought crimes I've just committed... Twelve if I lived in Utah. - SOTG

V the Koward, I'm tired of you presenting yourself as some holier than thou do-gooder Christian . the pictures of tits and animals having sex on your blog reveal the deep sickness you truly possess and explain your desire to hide behind "faith" and "good deeds" to cover up what a sick (intercourse) you really are.
- some troll

Michael Moore makes a pr0n movie. - Jack Reacher

Somehow Audio-Video Man never caught on as a super hero.
- Rodney Dill

...little Nancy was motionless, hoping that Gary Glitter would take the decoy first...
- Passionate Conservative

"The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing ‘God Bless America.' No, no, no, not God Bless America, God damn America!
- Curly

Dr. Bunsen Honeydo searches for his Beaker on a clothing optional beach.
- Subby

Keith Olbermann proudly display's his journalistic awards
- The Man

The Folsom Street 4-H Club holds it's annual indoor gardening show.
- GregMan

Cowspies - Prince of Leaves

On a cold Nebraska night, somewhere in the back of the bar, a woman could be heard calling Wildfire! -
Army of Mom

"Cousin Bluto told me the Germans attacked the U.S. at Pearl Harbor. Is that true, Ms. Huffington?" -
Kaptain Krude

How many psychiatrist sessions would we book if "she" turned around revealing "herself" to be Will Wheaton? - SOTG

Guy killed me Mal. Killed me with a sword. How weird is that? -
Army of Mom

Abner disdains the Mennonites' new rules for womens' vestments. - Matt Kostume


Matt the Kostume said...

As a newbie, I am truly honored to stand under the shoulders of giants.

GregMan said...

Matt the Kostume said...
As a newbie, I am truly honored to stand under the shoulders of giants.

Matt, on this blog, it's more like we're standing in what happened when the giants' laxatives kicked in.

Still, I too am honored to be included in this select group of 2008 Best Of monors. Shocked, horrified, devastated, but honored.

I gotta go now, some kids are on my lawn. Happy New Year!

Two Dogs said...

From now until the end of time, my name shall be attached to the work of art known only as, "Really Hairy Guy With Skullet Wearing Thong With Many Guns."

Marking that off my Bucket List right this moment.

Son Of The Godfather said...

I am honored and humbled to be included.

New job takes much time away from the important things in life... like captioning on Cap This, but I always find time to at least visit (especially on Thursdays for some strange reason).

It is a strange feeling to have "known" several of you pervs over... wow, a couple years now, and actually consider you friends, but these are the times we live in :)

Happiest of New Years to all readers of V's awesome site (even you, Dawn), and best wishes for the year ahead.



PS: VW = "skinst"... Wish I lived on that street. ;)

Submariner said...

Adding my "voice" to the previous best wishes to all mi amigos at Cap This! for a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous year in 2009.

But now, I have a date with Divine Miss M so she can show me her new mud suit...

Kaptain Krude said...

On one hand, I'm proud to be included in this list. Well, OK, "proud" isn't exactly the right word for it.

On the other hand, my pride is a bit wounded by only having one caption on it.

On the third hand, (wait, I've got three hands? Man, no wonder I like Thursdays so much!), I'm horrified that some anonymous troll made a better caption than me AND spurred so much hilarity.

Truly, I am a young padawan.

lawhawk said...

Happy New Year monors!

Oh, and I'm surprised that you didn't include the Hitler video. It was hands down the funniest bit on here this year.

curly said...

"...and I would like to thank all of the little people out there who helped make my dream a reality."

" "

“I personally believe that CapThis cappers are unable to do so because, uh, some…people out there in our nation don’t have internet access, and, uh, I believe that are at education like, such as in Afghanistan and the, they Iraq everywhere, like such as and.. I believe that they should, uh, our education over HERE! in the US, should help the US, or, or…or should help Afghanistan muslims, and should help Iraq and the Asian countries, so we would be able to build up our future for our captions.”

Gracie Lou Freebush said...

"...and world peace."

Tim said...

heh, I find funny pictures...heh

P.s. If you had any idea how many Bothans had to die in order for me to smuggle these pictures out from behind company firewalls, it would humble you!!