Monday, December 04, 2006

Horses in Drag

1. Sharia Comes to Enumclaw.

2. Heath and Jake try role-playing.

3. Sully and the Boyfriend merge their Enumclaw, Abu Ghraib, and Bed Bath and Beyond shower curtain fantasies. Then, killed the horses and satisfied their Bryan Hathaway fantasies.

4. SuperBowl officials may have gone a little too far in their desire to avoid another Janet Jackson controversy.

5. ORA: Bearing gifts of guns and alcohol, the three riders made their way toward the barn at Fort Flugman bearing gifts of guns and alcohol for the infant Alvis.

HT: Brender
Source: BBBC


divine miss m said...

Johnny Weir's early attempts to branch out into equine fashions were serious flops.

Zeke said...

The KKK has a grand tradition of pomp and circumstance that is shown off at the international convention each year.

The Man said...

Andrew Sullivan's first attempt at catching a Donkey show did not end well.

The Man said...

3 months after President Hillary Clinton pulled US troops out of Iraq...

Anonymous said...

And all this time, I thought Sullivan was into bareback.