Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Schoo is Coo

1. "Sharp pencil between the third and fourth vertabrae. Death is instantaneous."

2. "I've replaced the medicine in Hayley's inhaler with anthrax. Let's see if she notices."

3. With Putin bringing back the USSR and Chavez spreading communism through Latin America, the time was right for making Red Dawn II.

4. "Psst, Rebecca, they didn't find the gun in my backpack. 1. You owe me a dollar. 2. Who do you want me to ice?"

5. "All I know is, when Mrs. LeTourneau goes into her office with one of the boys and locks the door, he gets straight A's for the rest of the term." **

6. ORA: "So, ah, you are aware, of course, of why this teacher's nickname is 'Lassie?'"

7. "First Mrs. LeTourneau put that beach picture on the window. Now, she's teaching a lesson on 'Hawaiian honeymoons' and giving me that look. I'm outta here."

8. "... then they found the body. Of course my dad denied everything, but forensics confirmed a match with the fibers from the trunk of his car. How was your weekend?"

9. "Damn, shot down again. What is wrong with you girls in this 'Women's Studies' class?"

10. "Hey, looks like that Jeremy kid we used to pick on finally snapped. This should be cool."

** OTSC: Obligatory Teacher Sex Caption


Rodney Dill said...

"Bueller... Bueller... Bueller..."

The Man said...

Mr. Sullivan, I have a question. What is a Cleveland Steam Plate?

prince of leaves said...

10th grade was prison-like enough, but the sadistic Mrs. Collins couldn't resist hanging tropical scenes in the window to taunt her students with paradisical visions of the inaccessable outside world.

Cybrludite said...

Pssst, Suzie, they say if you ditch the sweater, you can come back on Thursday.

Submariner said...

V - re #6:


definitely a classic.

Submariner said...


"Oh Captain, my Captain!"