Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kids Allegedly Say The Darndest Thangs

1. "So, this 'Odd Couple,' they're just roommates, right? There better not be any Brokeback action in this script."

2. "So, to make, like, stoner soup, you need... like, Doritos and Twinkies and ... um... Mallomars."

3. "According to the Anarchist's cookbook, this should leave a smoking crater the size of a Volkswagen."

4. "We're not playing house so much as 'West Hollywood Condo.'"

5. "Stones, potatoes, onions, carrots... and some fingers from some careless immigrant meat packers."

6. "The Old 'Ex-Lax in the Brownies' gets them every time."

7. "We're six! How could there possibly be a pubic hair in the soup?"

8. "Tofurkey? I'd rather eat my own nutsack."


jeff said...

Not so ORA: "Oh, the cowman and the farmer should be friends...."

"Our moms made us do this - we think Hobos are smelly."

Brian in MA said...

"This stone soup has lots of iron, but not much else..."

"Steel mills have found an innovative new way to blend steel while still employing child labor."

jeff said...

"Fer gosh sakes, Mom - I'm 8 years old. Enough with the bib already! And what's with making it out of fake fur?"

The Man said...

Here in da south we likes to teech thim yung the propur way to mak meth.

Cybrludite said...

Well, it was either this, or MREs again, and the only one I've got left has that damn Minestrone Stew as the side dish.

MP Martin said...

I want to thank my sister for all the pot, and my mom for the vibrating microphone, and Miss Chevillar for hanging up my blanket to change behind, and my mom again for the toilet plunger...

Anonymous said...

Castro promised never to use Elian for political purposes, so in the end, it came to this.

-A.M. Mora y Leon

Submariner said...

OK, Ms Letourneau; we've done the stupid play. NOW can we go on that "joy ride" you promised before we get too old for you?