Saturday, October 21, 2006

Meanwhile, Back in the Heartland

1. ORA "And when this gets done, I'll be known as Arthur 'Three Sheds' Jackson."

2. Another ORA The Hallmark Channel presents an updated version of "Cask of Amontillado," sponsored by Home Depot.

3. "Anyway, the rest of the Habitat for Humanity crew got fed up with Mr. Nobel Laureate's 'Holier-Than-F*cking-Thou' attitude and buried him under a cement slab."

4. "Sorry, Ms. Pelosi. But everytime people see your botoxed mug on TV, we lose 2 percent in the polls, so Howard Dean said you had to be tied up in a shed until after election day."

5. "OK, torture shed's almost ready. Let's go pick us up some hitch-hikers."



evariste said...

Fidel Castro pretends to be interested as Jimmy Carter shows off another Habitat for Humanity shelter.

curly said...

This looked easier on "This Old House".

The last two white men in America found willing to do manual labor.

"Just nail the friggin’ board on already, before I throw you in that f'ing garbage can!"

"People used to say that my wife was built like a brick sh!t house, but now she has an a$$ the size of a barn."

“So Bob, what do you think of gay marriage?”