Saturday, February 18, 2006

Americana: Dorks in Recovery Edition

1. Johnny Weir gets an intervention.

2. Three's Company... Mormon style

3. There are actually three dykes in this picture. Dina was so uber-butch she willed herself to grow sideburns.

4. Caption This presents: Match the disorder to the support group coordinator: A.) Eating B.)Obsessive Compulsive C.)Bi-Polar

5. "When shall we three meet again?/ In thunder, lightning, or in front of the Armory Community Center, round noonish?"

6. The two women totally didn't see the double wedgie coming.

7. The only three members of the Dubuque, Iowa chapter of 'Breast not Bombs' hold their weekly meeting.

8. "I... I... just never imagined you two would meet each other. Damn, this is so awkward."

9. "All right. Let's break out the Uzis and waste us some hippies!"

10. "See. It is the best-built shithouse in the entire midwest. Aren't you glad we stopped now?"

Fairly used from my usual Americana source. Disclaimer always applies.


Rufus Leaking said...

Never, Never, get your hair cut on "Joke Day" at barbers college!

Submariner said...

Co-National Spokespersons; (l-r) Summer Notsohuge, Willy Growaset and Amanda Beaterup, announced that the "Breasts Not Bombs" movement would henceforth be know as "Boobs Not Bombs."

Amanda added, "It just seemed a bit more in line with our national charter since men like Willy have been so supportive. And, also, we lost the lawsuit over truth in advertising so we had to..."

Rodney Dill said...

An explanation why there are 40 year old Virgins.

Donnah said...

I miss Johnny Weir already. You don't see that kind of fabulousness every day.

Rodney Dill said...

"Let's go protest the local McSwarma and burn the fake palm, so they stop calling their lamb on a kabob, Jesus on the Cross"
"Or let's just go get high instead."

Rodney Dill said...

"Oh the Bush twins are so ready fo...."BANG

Please pardon the interruption as the captioner has been shot by Dick Cheney.

David Simon said...

"You expect me to smile?! Apparently, you haven't gotten a good look at what's on either side of me."

David Simon said...

Ashton Kutcher: "Not exactly the Bush twins, are they folks? This dude got punk'd!"

David Simon said...

The cast of John Waters' new movie steps out for a smoke break.

David Simon said... stock experienced a flood of short selling after the company unveiled its new commercial.

Dan said...

We switched Timmy's regular heterosexual prostitutes with two lesbians. Let's see if he notices the difference...

David Simon said...

The Topeka Gay and Lesbian Center elected its new board of directors today. (l to r) Muffy Diver, Ben Dover, Connie Lingus.

Alex Stockwell said...

Yeah, I finally got my threesome. Woohoo.