Friday, November 11, 2005

More Veteran's Day

1. "No, better stay outside. She's still mad about you whacking off to that French newscaster."

2. "Gesundheit."

3. Damn. I already used the 'Roid Rage caption on the Air Force pic.

4. "Now let me show you a nice little fixer-upper that also happens to be the only house in the entire Bay Area for under $400,000."

5. "It's just an Indian burial ground, you said. No such thing as Poltergeists, you said..."

6. "The sad part is, I still don't know where the little bastards hid my Jack Daniels."

7. "O.K., you little pigs can come out now. I just took down the wolf with my Walther semi-auto."

8. "Now... what did we just learn about lighting farts around propane tanks?"

Navy Times Joseph C. Garza, HO / U.S. Navy


Son Of The Godfather said...

Welcome to the New Orlean's Hilton.

sonicfrog said...

I told you you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Divine Miss M said...

"Hey, next time remind me, it's inadvisable to eject directly over the area we just bombed!"

Divine Miss M said...

"My super-secret Indian name is...'Likes Making Big Things Small,' what's yours?"

Kevin Walker said...

Micheal Moore has the same effect after eating Taco Bell out of business.


"I can't remember much, other than Moore asking me to pull his finger."

ColoradoPatriot said...

"Sheesh, Grandma. If you're gonna do that, could you at least light a match or something?"

Jonathan said...

"Bet those little Hussein bastards got smoked in this bomb raid!


What? They're already dead? Well... was still cool, though, huh?"

Submariner said...

Son-of-a... My "Clapper" (tm) still works!

Submariner said...

I've been keeping the Ben-Wah's in the pickle jar ever since the grandkids found 'em in the nightstand. I explained that they're "pickled eggs" and the kids won't touch 'em anymore.