Sunday, October 09, 2005

Hugo, You Venezuelan Scumbag

1. "Good boy, sugar cube?"

2. "Come on, smell it and guess where it's been. You'll be surprised when I tell you."

3. One of the benefits of being a communist dictator is you can pick your friend's nose.

4. "Thanks for the offer, Hugo, but my doctor thinks I should take care of my own bulimia."

5. "You say, 'Rock smashes pencil.' I say, 'Finger crushes windpipe.' Who's your daddy now, biyatch?"

6. "One time! It was only one time! And I was really drunk. Besides, this was Erik Estrada we're talking about."

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1. "You bitch! How dare you call Liza Minelli 'a pale imitation of her mother!'"

2. "Sometimes, I think we fight just for the brutal, savage make-up sex."

3. "I tell you Hugo, it was the strangest dream. Our photo was posted on the internet and some guy named 'son of the godfather' was making rude homo-erotic innuendo about us."

4. "Look, I don't care that you started working out. I've always been able to kick your ass, and I always will be. Deal with it."

5. "The safety word is 'Castro.'"

6. "One of these days, Hugo. One of these days, Pow! To the moon!"

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Cien Gracias a: A.M. Mora y Leon


Son Of The Godfather said...

It's how I unwind, Hugo... You know, just stroke it like this... I can show you if you'd like.

(...and the #3 caption-prophecy is fulfilled ;)

Son Of The Godfather said...

"So I took the little fluffy puppy and crushed it with my bare hands!"

Son Of The Godfather said...

Hugo continues to tug while Nestor makes his "O" face.

Son Of The Godfather said...

"Hugo, with your brains and my looks, we could rule the world!"

Son Of The Godfather said...

"Pat Robertson sent me with a message; Shut the fuck up, or he'll have your balls ripped off."

Son Of The Godfather said...

"And the prize for making fun of my 'bug eyes' is for you to sample the velocity-enhanced taste of my gold ring."

Son Of The Godfather said...

"Rock beats scissors, my room it is!"

Van Helsing said...

Picture 1:

"No sir, I will not pull your finger."

Picture 2:

"Got it. That's the strangest thing, Comrade Chavez. Every time you open your mouth, flies come buzzing out."

V the K said...

If someone you're talking to picks up an invisible phone and pretends to take an emergency call from the president, they either are insane or really don't like you.

Kevin Walker said...

Can apply to both images:

"What? Dress up as wrestlers, with me being a Iranian with a bloody mouth? What's the catch?" "Hot, sweaty, breathing heavily..." "Okay, you got me. I'll be on top, though."

Anonymous said...

uds seres satrapas y maricones se cogen entre si y se maman el guevo de un chavista ya que al verlo el culito les pide pipe parejo caqbrones les cojemos a sus mujeres cuando van a sus marchas