Friday, October 21, 2005

Bad Touch, Hillary! Bad Touch!

1. Here we see Marilyn Quayle applying a variation of the "Hertzdonut" called the "Dieyoubitchwhywontyoudie".

2. Planned Parenthood was really geeked about Hillary's plan to include autoerotic asphyxiation in sex ed curricula.

3. Here's a switch, a dike putting her finger into a Dutch girl.

4. "Was that squeeze then twist, or twist then sqeeze?"

5. "Dear, that only works on people who respire or have a pulse."

6. "A gold medallion reading 'Money over bitches,' you shouldn't have."

7. "It feels good when I touch you there, doesn't it?"

8. "This is mine! This is where my babies come from."

9. "Yeah, these models tend to freeze up a lot. Let me open the access plate and flip the reset button."

10. A dweeb makes secret devil signs while two of the Horned One's mistresses pleasure each other... this is a pretty lame summoning ritual.

I borrowed this from: The Right Place


ColoradoPatriot said...

Within 6 seconds the undocking was complete and XK26-42L took its leave from the mothership on its mission to eradicate all men on the eastern seaboard.

ColoradoPatriot said...

"Whoa, whoa, easy there, Betty. Thanks for the medal and all, but with that hair, you're not getting within a foot of my head."

-or, the opposite-

"C'mon, sweetie, let's show this stuffy bunch what two sistahs can make."

Whoopsie-Daisey said...

Oh! Damn, Hill! That fist went a bit deeper than I expected, but, mmmph, it, oh! got to admit it, oh! feels... just as... oh! dreamy as you promised...

Submariner said...

You, Steph? OK, but that cow to the right has to go to Bill.

Submariner said...

Hahahahahaha, got you now!

Damn! what was that sequence again?

Oh yeah! up, down, circle, circle, square, left 1!

bubbalove said...

Here, Hillary is seen accepting the NARAL 2005 Top Coven Leader Award by customarily diddling the presenter's love button.

Van Helsing said...

Hillary prepares to demonstrate the punchline to the joke, "Why is a woman like a six pack?"

Son Of The Godfather said...

"Odd... Yours is all soft like velvet... Mine is like a Brillo scrub pad... that's just weird."