Tuesday, September 20, 2005

V the K Klassic

Note: I'm driving to Phracking Philadelphia for a meeting this morning and lack the time and energy to caption anything new. So, here's a rerun of a Very Special Caption This.

1. Little Mohammed (bottom left) reacts appropriately as his family begins singing "The Safety Dance."

2. A popular practical joke at the ISM is teaching militants to chant, "We're here! We're queer! We want to pee in your beer."

3. "Brains... BRAINS!"

4. "Yahoo! We're koo-koo for Cocoa Puffs!"

5. Blue Scarf singing, "Did you think I'd crumple?/Did you think I'd lay down and die?/Oh not I/I will survive..."

6. Finally, Little Ramel could take it no more, and wished them all into the corn.

7. "Every sperm is sacred... every sperm is great..."

8. Another contestant is voted off in "Survivor: Ramallah."

9. "Allah, the Most High, the Most Merciful... pull my finger!"

10. The San Francisco County Clerk looked out his window and stammered, "Th-They all want to get m-m-married?"



von said...

Achmed always wanted to be the drummer for the band, but since he couldn't afford a drum set, he was forced to keep time with the AK-47.

bubbalove said...

Achmed Mohammed Mohammed Achmed raises his starter rifle to send off the next teenage homicide bomber as the crowd roars its disapproval and flashes low scores for the previous contestant who missed the Israeli school bus by more than 10 feet.

Debris Trail said...

Mucktar fired his AK into the air as his wives celebrated, "I came once," some shouted, "I came twice!" others screamed. Little Dirka Dirka plugged his ears, "I want to leave!" he pleaded.

Submariner said...

Dr. Smith mutters "Oh, the pain! The PAIN, Will..." as he stands in a doorway in drag for bung protection due to finding that his latest scheme has landed him on the planet P'buh.

Divine Miss M said...

We don't need no education!
We dont need no thought control!

Van Helsing said...

There's one door the Jehovah's Witnesses will not be knocking on again.

SOTG said...

"The Red Sox win the pennant! The Red Sox win the pennant!"

SOTG said...

"Look, up there!" cried the blue-hijabbed Mufta, "I have found the infidel who has been tapping into my cable!"

SOTG said...

The mothership took being fired upon as an aggressive act. One green death ray later, nothing remained but multiple steaming piles of protoplasm.

SOTG said...

Q'tar had fired off his AK in glee.
His brother Q'tan, however, was next door in his apartment on the fourth floor when, in a stange twist of fate while enjoying his fruit loops, he was struck by a bullet in the armpit.

SOTG said...

Ya know what's funny? When you fire indiscriminantly into the air, and a super-hot spent bullet case finds it's way into the mouth of the blue-scarffed ul-ul-ul-ull-er below you.

ColoradoPatriot said...

Although all the ladies of the villiage agreed they were in love with the verile Ahmed, there was still some debate over how many testicles he had.