Monday, September 26, 2005

They're Coming To Take Her Away, Ha-Ha

Update:You have the right to remain obnoxious. If you give up that right, America would be profoundly grateful. You have the right to a shower and for the love of God please use it. If you cannot afford soap, shampoo, or deodorant, they will be provided to you at no cost. Please take the hint and take the g-dam shower!"

1. Whenever I had previously pictured this in my mind, they were always wearing white coats.

2. "... Diamonds are a girl's best friend..."

3. "Jesse warned you this would happened if you violated the restraining order... Crazy White Bitch."

4. "Nah, let me carry her. I've been bucking for a Workman's Comp claim, and if that gigantic white ass doesn't do it, nothing will."

5. "My, you are one big bear of a policeman. Andrew Sullivan must be seething with impotent jealousy."

6. "You better make damn sure I get a Koran in jail, or the ACLU will sue your infidel ass."

7. "Ms Sheehan, The Gimp (lower right) would like to know if he could smell the bottom of your feet."

8. "And speaking of smelling things, let's put her in the cell next to Multiple Miggs. That should be good for a laugh."

9. Okay, what the Hell is that little guy at the lower right? A Cub Scout? Mini-Me? The Beaver? A perverted dwarf trying to get a view of the black forest? What?

10. "Honestly, I haven't seen a smile that big during a public body cavity search since we arrested Barney Frank at that rest stop."

Thanks for the pic: Prism Warden


Freida Slaves said...

Obscure reference:

You like me. You really, really, like me.

whoopsie-daisey said...

Mama Moonbat thought to herself, "Not bad, but that gloved hand just isn't enough to make me forget Reverend Al on the speed run."

TC said...

Mother Sheehan: "Officer, the last hand down there belonged to Joan Baez. She played me like a fiddle Saturday night after the concert."

Cop: "Who?"

Kevin Walker said...

The cops tried to warn her, but no... she wouldn't take a shower. "Air pollution my ass!"

mbruce said...

And I want to know why Phil Donahue is lurking in the backround,he probably thought that he had a shot at her now that he finally sprung for contacts.

bubbalove said...

Moments before he was pulled into the gaping maw, the young officer was overheard to say, " Something' right HAND!!"

von said...

Why do you keep calling me Dick? My name is Charl...OH GOD!!!

SOTG said...

Cindy's helpers load her up for her next public display... complete with ping-pong balls.

SOTG said...

Is this where they found the giant pink bunny from earlier?

SOTG said...

"How do I feel about your denigrating this great nation of ours? Well Ms. Sheehan, let me just show you with this microphone here..."

SOTG said...

Their was an official young bloke
Who thought Cindy Sheehan a joke
He grabbed for his cuffs
But instead grabbed her muff
And found that her water had broke!

SOTG said...

A woman described as disturbin'
Screeched as if she wore a turbin
Cops felt up her core
After she'd slept with Mike Moore
And out popped the head of Dick Durbin!

Dave said...

Officer on the left: "they should have issued goodyear monster mudder gloves for this job".

Smiling Cindy: "tickle me Elmo!"