Friday, September 02, 2005

Smell My Face

1. Madrid, 1932: Ernest Hemingway cruises for Rough Trade.

2. Now we know why Baptists eschew terrorism: it could lead to dancing.

3. "Ah, little Ahmed! The boy who used to molest my goats. Wow, you've gotten big. So, how's the jihad treating you?"

4. Ahmed thanks his ACLU attorney and prepares to board the New York subway.

5. "Damn, you weren't kidding, that is one ginormous goiter. May I touch it?"

6. "Look, it was just a one-night stand. Get over it."

7. "Gee, dude, why is 'ArchDuke Ferdinand' back there in such a pissy mood?"

8. "... and as he started to go/He said 'Ahmed, keep your head low/Ahmed, don't be a martyr/Come back to me...'"

9. "Welcome back from the Intifadah, son. We left your room just the way you left it. And we had the gimp costume dry-cleaned."

10. "Are those Bugle Boy fatigues you're wearing?"

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Jonathan said...

#8...nice "Billy, Don't be a Hero" reference, VK!

bubbalove said...

The other jihadis looked away uncomfortably as the imam and his 'special hadji' released each other from their 20-second parting kiss.

Submariner said...

"Remember, Muhammed; what happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas..."

Van Helsing said...

"This time keep your tongue out of my ear."