Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Quick! To The Sully-Mobile!

1. Inspired by Jane Fonda and Cindy Sheehan, Barney Frank luanched his own cross-country bus tour.

2. Still an improvement over the company's former logo -- a derrick gushing oil from the top.

3. The roughnecks never could figure out why that one swishy bank clerk always wrote his phone number on the deposit receipt when they cashed their paychecks.

4. Bruce the Gay Geologist received a lot of employment offers, but in the end, he had to follow his heart.

5. After he filed for bankruptcy, Dr. Sullivan realized that humor didn't always sell in the proctology business.

Hat Tip: Sondrak


SOTG said...

For reaming out all the filth that has infiltrated the Democratic Party... Who ya gonna call?...

Jonathan said...

"And this year's San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year award goes to..."

Divine Miss M said...

Boudreaux's found a way to guarantee itself future business. ;-)

Van Helsing said...

Andrew Sullivan's delivery has arrived.