Saturday, September 17, 2005

More Fun With Implied Bestiality

1. "Oh, damn, that feels great. And to think I've been wasting my time lying down with lambs."

2. "Sorry, can't help it. I was raised by Siegfried and Roy."

3. "Das is gut, ja, meine fraulein?"

4. "Just a few more seconds, babe, and Napoleon Dynamite will have a new favorite animal, the German Tigherd!"

5. "In Korea, I'm considered an aphrodisiac and you're considered an entree."

6. "Would you stop worrying, it's just a cold sore!"

7. Wow, happiness really IS a warm puppy.

8. "No, I didn't say the baby tiger was botching everything up with his incompetence. I said he was screwing the pooch."

9. "Baby, is your name 'Frosted Flakes,' 'cos you're GRRRRRRRRREAT!"

10. Figures, thought the dog. The afterglow hasn't even faded and he's fast asleep already.

Real Caption


bubbalove said...

Rosie the dog stared straight ahead in silence thinking "I'll never bet Simba again that he can't get his mom to blow him."

Van Helsing said...

"Ow! That stupid cat missed again!"

Debris Trail said...

Holy Crap! This is my first time here... what a surprise.

Personally, I think the picture is none of our business; it's obviously just some poor "bastard" enjoying a little "pussy".

SOTG said...

Cruel Animal Superglue Tricks

SOTG said...

What happens when you leave your dog alone with your wallet AND Home Shopping Network is hawking genuine "tiger capes"?

SOTG said...

Waking up drunk, Sparky and Tiger were a little "out of it".

Sparky: "Tiger, why did you just kiss me?"

Tiger: "I don't know."

Sparky: "Where's your other paw?"

Tiger: "Between two pillows."


SOTG said...

The union was complete. In a few months, the Hildabeast would be spawned and Reveleations would come to fruition.

SOTG said...

"I THAID, my bwaythes aw caught in youw dog tagth!:

SOTG said...

OK, it's obvious... BUT...

"Take it ALL, bitch!"

Merovign said...

Ugh, 2 in a row of #43 on my list of things that should not be recorded for posterity.

ColoradoPatriot said...

Yes, I know, I know. We have so little in common and my friends hate him. But at least he's a TOP!