Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Iron Dingbat Teabags A Child

1. "Sure, I'd love to go back to your gingerbread house, Senator Clinton."

2. "Wow, Mrs. Clinton. If we could have had your ass to shelter it, we could have saved the house."

3. "Yeah, yeah, you white women always say it's like rubbing a sheep's head. Most of you don't rub it with their boobs, though."

4. "Hope you like it in there, Kirk. Because Zargon and I have no intention of returning your bodies."

5. Hillary thought the Psychedelic Soccer Ball was cute until she got the crap kicked out of her by 5,000 Interdimensional Arsenal fans.

6. "So, Pamela Anderson donated one of her implants to help the Katrina evacuees. How nice."

7. A pygmy tribesman offers a gift to the junior senator from New York while behind her, others mutter "Sisi wuhoyafe ane ka m'bara ti ellen ucuru", which in swajili means, "flats and a pantsuit, I told you she was a dyke."

8. "Sauron's all-seeing eye? Hm, I may need that later."

9. "Dear, why don't you give that nasty, sticky ball back to Al Franken?"

10. "Give it to Hillary, Hillary knows what to do with it much better than you do." Hillary would later describe her tax policy as, "So simple, even a child could understand it."

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Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

"It takes a village to raise a child young Tanzanisha,- oh snap, gotta go get in my limo and back to my mansion while you rot here at the Astrodome."

SOTG said...

The demon Mephistophillary and G_d (disguised as a 4-yr old boy) in the ultimate battle for the planet Earth.

SOTG said...

In this scene from "March of the Hillarys", the offspring of Hillary and Jesse Jackson emerges from beneath the flap of skin and smashes the mother in the face with a giant jawbreaker.

SOTG said...

Here we see the Hillary vulture protecting her egg. The unfortunate Billy would be used as food for the young hatchling, referred to in Revelations as The AntiChrist.

SOTG said...

"Here's where I live, Mrs. Clinton," young Billy said pointing to the globe, "Where do you and MR. Clinton live when he's not off boinking other fat chicks?"

Van Helsing said...

"Do you really think that ball is enough to protect you from the Hildabeast, little man?"

von said...

While Bill is off trying to raise money for the Katrina effort, Hillary is busy babysitting one of his other kids.

Cricket said...

That pic of Al Frankenstein was oogie.

bubbalove said...

With mounting excitement, Hillary inspects the child's flawless skin and complete innocence realizing she has found the final perfect ingredients for her potion to inflict mass-delusion on voters in 2008.