Friday, September 02, 2005

Fuzzy Happy Baby Cats

1. "Check it out, Pepe LePew is exposing himself."

2. "Wow, Cheney's really puttin' it to the Cokie Roberts in the haystack!"

3. "Oh, no... Howard Dean caught Mittens!"

4. "Hey! It's Ted Nugent! Let's get him!"

5. "Yeah, Socks thinks he's really hot sh*t since he became Hillary's familiar."

6. Hot young p-u-s-s-I-E, in YOUR Inbox!

7. "Yeah, well I'm gonna be adopted a by Goth College chick... oh, wait, that's bad."

8. "Stage 1 is complete. We have crapped in her slippers. Now, we wait for Stage 2, in which we will awaken her at night with an urgent need to be let out."

9. "I told you Whiskers would chew on the extension cord if we dared him. What a dumbass."

10. "Run you guys! Andrew Sullivan just came in... and he's got that look!"

Hat Tip: Divine Miss M


bubbalove said...

After parking her broom in the corner, Hillary walks away unaware of the kittens she almost squashed but that are transfixed in disbelief at the size of her ass.

Van Helsing said...

You usually need to do a little cleaning up when it's been raining cats and dogs.

Divine Miss M said...

"They're cute," Mr. Bigglesworth conceded, "but there's no chance in hell that I'm their daddy."

Jonathan said...

"Mmmmm...kittens! The other, other, white meat! Get in my belly!"