Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Do the Humpty Hump

1. Andrew Sullivan quickly grew annoyed with the boyfriend's Slim Pickens fetish.

2. I'd hate to see the flesh tuxedo.

3. "All right, let's fire these things into those levees and drown some black people!"

4. "I never should have put my human penis into her sharkgina."

5. I am reminded of the irony of Rock Hudson in Ice Station Zebra saying "I am not sticking another torpedo up that spout."

6. "Dr. Freud, you have a call on the white courtesy phone! Dr. Freud, please pick up the white courtesy phone!"

7. "Hey, are those hippies from the other day still around? 'Cos I just had an an awesome bong idea."

8. "It's a torpedo... but I am happy to see you."

9. 'Ow to speak Australian: "Strap On."

10. The new Bob Dole Viagra commercials were deliciously whimsical.

Ripped From the Galleries of: He Humps Things


Submariner said...

"Why yes, it IS a torpedo, but that's not important right now. Just take the d*mn picture of the pre-historic ostrich I'm pointing at, will ya?"

von said...

Larry didn't understand why his motorcycle buddies didn't like his crotch rocket.

SicSemperTyrannus said...

After searching all the adult toy stores in Harlem, former President Clinton finds a toy that will satisfy Hillary.

AM42 said...

Damn, don't you just hate it when you park your torpedo in a bad part of town and come back to find it up on blocks?

lawhawk said...

Damn, you got the Strangelove reference out of the way in the same breath as Sullivan.


bubbalove said...

Barney Frank smiled to himself as he immediately thought of the caption:

Divine Miss M said...

Hoo-hoo dilly rides, $1/minute, all proceeds to charity.

Van Helsing said...

Anna Nicole Smith's battery-powered "personal assistant."

Anonymous said...

Great Spinal Tap ref!

Rodney Dill said...

It's probably just as well for Monica that Bill Clinton wasn't a Navy man.