Saturday, September 17, 2005

Curse My Metal Body I Was Too Slow

1. Anatomically correct crash test dummies? Now, I've seen everything.

2. "Yellow sex robots are into golden showers. Just don't ask about C-3PO unless you're really, really jaded."

3. "You mean I tore off that human's hands and affixed them to my robot arms, just so I could pleasure you, and still you blow me off. You're a tease, Greta, nothing but a tease."

4. "I hate these places. Everybody's so phony."

5. "So, you're not down with a three-way? It's because we're yellow, isn't it?"

6. "No, no, no... Scientology isn't some kind of cult that demands total conformity and surrender of individual identity. Just ask Brian-289."

7. "Crash Test? I wish! No, we're the 'Accurate Urinal Aiming Test Dummies.'"

8. "Excuse me, human female, I couldn't help but notice the prescription psychoactive medications in your purse, and the look of abject failure in your eyes. Let me guess, 'Dated Dean, Married Kerry?'"

9. "So, that's a negatory on the lap dance?"

10. "An android, a clone, and a Klingon walk into a bar, stop me if you've heard this one before..."

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Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

Yo babe, check this out. Viagra works on us too!

SOTG said...

In this stock photo, two members of the failed "Yellow Man Group" boot Olga for appearing in public out of character.

SOTG said...

When the androids finally took over, they enjoyed posing with statues of humans in their native habitat.

SOTG said...

"On MY planet, you'd be my slave and forced to give me 'thumb'!"

Van Helsing said...

First Germany forced its citizens to work as prostitutes or lose their unemployment benefits. Now, we see them forced to apply for jobs as crash test dummies. It's never safe to rely on a socialist government.