Saturday, August 27, 2005

Welcome to Kid and Geezer Weekend

1. "See, Billy, I told you that weekend at Neverland Ranch would pay off for us."

2. "30 points for the cripple."

3. "Really, grandpa, you and Anna Nicole Smith? You magnificent bastard."

4. "... and then he said, 'no, I can't play go-carts with you, I have to water my flowers,' so I kicked his ass."

5. "No, grandpa, NASCAR, dammit, not Formula One. I want to pretend you're Dale Earnhardt and I'm Jeff Gordon. Then, while they're prying your charred remains from a hulk of twisted metal, I'll be getting my pork sword serviced by Daisy-Duke-wearing groupies from the cheap seats."


Chevy Rose said...

"After failing the eye exam four times to renew his drivers license, Grandpa's found a way to outsmart those cops by driving the sidewalks instead."

Divine Miss M said...

Few fans are aware of the late Dale Earnhardt's "special" brother, who dreamed of chasing his famous brother on the track, but only ever got as close as pedal cars with the neighborhood kids.

Van Helsing said...

Okay, Grandpa. If you win, I'll help you with your suppository. But if I win, I get to look at your ChiXXX with DiXXX magazines.