Wednesday, August 17, 2005

South American Moonbat Cave

1. Gordon thought people at the Petticoat Junction convention would love his Uncle Joe T-Shirt. The subsequent Ass-Kicking was awesome.

2. "I hate these blogger conventions. I wish Markos Zuniga would stop asking me to run for Congress."

3."Hey, baby... come on back to the dacha with me and I'll make your trains run on time... all night long... Awwwww---yeahhhh!"

4. Unfortunately, women soon found out that "Little Joe" would have been a more appropriate nickname than "Uncle Joe." Or would have found out, had there been any takers.

5. "Well, the guy in the FDR T-Shirt is stuck on the handicapped ramp, the guy in the Churchill T-shirt is passed out drunk... I guess I better go kill somebody."

6. When one guy doesn't get laid, it's a tragedy. When millions of guys don't get laid, it's a statistic. When this guy doesn't get laid, who the hell cares?

7. I see someone hasn't missed too many meals fretting over the plight of the proleterian worker.

8. As The Tick once said, "Evil comes in many forms, be it a man-eating cow or Joseph Stalin." Or in the case of this picture and the last, a little of both.

9. "A communist tattoo on a lady usually means, 'I'm an easy lay, but I'll bitch about everything.'" Miss Manners Excruciatingly Correct Guide to Scoring at Left-Wing Meet-Ups.

10. "Didn't any of you oppressed proletarian wage slaves bring any cake?"

10. "Excuse me, I have a call from my 'girlfriend' on my 'cell phone.' Hello, 'Anna Nicole' how are you doing?"

11. Everybody thought he was the ambassador from Tanzania, but the only words he knew in English were "Make 7. Up Yours."

Moonbats held a pro-totalitarian rally in Caracas. Pics stolen from Chase Me Ladies, I'm in the Cavalry.


Jonathan said...

Picture #1: "Nothing says 'I care more about my fellow man' than a t-shirt commemorating a mass murderer of his fellow man!"

Picture #2: "Well, I got the tattoo to get more guys to pick up, but I wish someone would have told me before I did it that my big rack and a few beers would have done the trick, too!"

Jonathan said...

Picture #3: (sly voice) "Hey, babe! I have been historically oppressed by 'The Man'! So what's your name?"

Occasional Reader said...

(Photo no. 1):

"How dare these disgusting Kulaks attempt to privilege themselves above the proletariat by using the express check-out. I will have them liquidated immediately."

Van Helsing said...

Imagine a convention where people walked around wearing Hitler shirts and swastika tattoos. But there is a difference between fascism and communism. Actually two differences: 1) fascists could get the trains to run on time; 2) communists killed a lot more people.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Idk whats worse watching you lifeless cappies try to crack jokes or the fact that you act like people can't have or do anything like 'normal' people and be an 'aware' Communist. We make society the very least the proletariat should have is some fucking cake, big breasted women and cell phones.