Friday, August 26, 2005

Sing with me, "He's got an unidentified substance... in his hands!"

1. All I know is, I'm going to look really dumb if this isn't actually shinola.

2. Gesundheit!

3. "Wow, Cindy Sheehan's last shred of decency. I wonder how much it will fetch on eBay."

4. Peter Parker's less fortunate brother was bitten by a radioactive dung beetle.

5. For centuries after the Catholic Church elevated Calista Flockhart to sainthood, worshippers treated the relics of her Holy Bulimia with utmost reverence.

6. "Anybody got a fan I can hit this with?"

7. Matt didn't understand why his friends thought was nothing cooler than "getting shit-faced on the weekend," but he was determined to find out for himself.

8. "I can't believe I almost stepped in this!"

9. "Matt Damon... in the woods... with a turd." Caption or Clue solution. You be the judge.

10. "At last, the final piece is in place for DailyKos's Master Plan to Destroy the DLC (TM). Wait until he flings this at Tom Vilsack!"

Blatantly Stolen from: Mr Cranky


Van Helsing said...

"Next time I take Yoda for a walk, I'm going to bring my poop scoop."

bubbalove said...

Staring in disbelief, Matt Damon holds what's left of Ben Affleck's career in his hands and wonders what the hell happened.

Jonathan said...

"A little mouth-to-mouth, and this flattened bullfrog will be as good as new", the new PETA pledge thought.

Chevy Rose said...

"Tell me again what you turn into after I kiss you?"

(I can't keep teeth in mouth laughing so hard, you funny weird bloogger)

Rodney Dill said...

"I'm not a monster, I have the heart of a child. . . see, here it is."

PJ said...

"Things got hard for Stewart Copeland after Sting quit the band"

carl said...

He thought to himself, "Somethings not right here, they said kiss it and it would turn into Jessica Simpson."

"I gotta start packing my own lunch!"

"So this is what's left of Cindy Sheehan's brain after got a hold of it!"

"Honest! I thought I only had too fart!"

The young Private listened intently as Major Doody gave him his orders.

Jonathan said...

Fans of the original Soylent Green cringed during this scene from the remake.

Louis Sass said...

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