Tuesday, August 09, 2005

NASA Designs Foolproof Shuttle

In light of the recent shuttle mission and the concern over proper re-entry to Earth, NASA today unveiled a foolproof design that should consistently offer a smooth landing without any bending or breaking."

Safe Landings Guaranteed Every Time:

Hat tip: Glenn Beck


Van Helsing said...

In an alternate reality, the South won the Civil War and gained independence. The space program at Cape Canaveral, Florida developed along very different lines.

Van Helsing

AM42 said...

"I'd like to see ol' Boss Hogg try to catch us in his p.o.s. Caddy this time!"

AM42 said...

It turns out that Cooter actually was a rocket scientist.

SOTG said...

All systems were "go" until a monitoring camera caught a piece of debris flying from the General Lee and the mission was scrapped. It was later discovered to be a discarded beer can.