Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Meet Mr. Bomb

1. Best. Dr. Strangelove. Remake. EVER!

2. "Get that thing off my suppositories!" Andrew Sullivan huffed.

3. "Yeah, they dropped 15 bombs on us, but not only were they all duds, they also lined up perfectly upon landing." And the AP Reporter believed every word of it.

4. I think my favorite episode of Baywatch was when they went back in time and single-handedly repelled Japanese invasion and Pamela Anderson pleasured herself on some bombs.

5. Screw your bunny with the pancake on his head, I prefer the hot chick with ordnance under her ass.

6. I bet she wonders why all the men she dates have no clue what color her eyes are.

7. Sometimes, a bomb is just a bomb.

8. It might be instructive to compare this picture with the other side's version of a hot chick.

9. "Hey, Mr. Islamist, would you care to explain to me and my 2,000 lb. friends here why I should be wearing a burkha?"

10. "Gilligan, why do you think the Professor has been stockpiling all these nukes?" "Gee, I don't know, Mary Ann. Nice rack, by the way."

Rip-Off Trail: Free Will via Gullyborg via SondraK


lawhawk said...

It's not the size that counts, but how you use it...

bubbalove said...

Here, the young private displays her Weapons of Mass Distraction, that effectivity of whch was immediately displayed by three vehicle accidents and the 62 guys watching who ran back to their bunks for some 'personal' time....and a short nap.

Occasional Reader said...

USAF Staff Sargeant Bambi Petersen participates in the "Charades" craze currently sweeping bored US forces stationed near Mosul. (The correct answer was "bomb rack".)

Occasional Reader said...

(Dang, make that "Sergeant", not "Sargeant".)

Over time, the inducements offered by the Air Force to lure former EOD techs out of retirement became increasingly unsubtle.

Van Helsing said...

This should put an end to any recruiting problems the Army might be having.

Kevin Walker said...

These are the most effective weapons EVER!!!

Oh yeah, the bombs are effective too.

Chevy Rose said...

What's the big deal? I can do that, And still touch elbows.

carl said...

"I told you I wanted to BANG you."

"What, you don't like playing with a strap on?" she asked him.

All the soldiers at the NCO Club thought she was kidding when she said she liked it 'real hard.'

She smiled at her lover and said, "Other than a slight wedgy, this things pretty comfortable."

"Look what followed me home, Mom. Can I keep it?"

Jonathan said...

"Can I get two pickets to Tittsburgh?"

Rodney Dill said...

"Guess she's the Bomba-dear"

Chip said...

Now I'm a choke-my-chickenhawk.