Sunday, August 21, 2005

Keep Looking, I'm Sure You'll Find It

1. Hold on, it's still not perfectly symmetrical

2. "Are you sure this is part of the standard check for steroids, or are you just playing with my balls?" "A little from Column A, and a little from Column B."

3. Airport security got weird after Andrew Sullivan took over the TSA.

4. "I am almost positive this violates the restraining order."

5. "Go to my happy place... go to my happy place... I'm in front of my garage... watering my flowerbed... dad is with me... ah, happy place."

6. "Are you sure this is where you lost your contact lens?"

7. "Can't we just cuddle?"

8. "Don't think of it as a cup, think of it as a gift box for a beautiful package."

9. "Dad, I realize you're trying to make up for running out on us when I was six, but this is really the wrong time and place to be teaching me the finer points of pocket pool."

10. "So, it's not a 'bad touch' if I'm wearing a wrestling singlet? These new rules sure are complicated."

Blatantly Stolen From: SondraK


bubbalove said...

Here, we can see Congressman Barney Frank prepping his newest intern for group 'initiation' in his basement-level 'Octagon of Love'.

tomslick said...

Awwwww, you beat me to it Bubbalove

Van Helsing said...

"Sorry, it was bad enough I left my dentures down there. I didn't realize they would clamp up like that."

V the K said...

The Fabulous Bruce billed himself as 'The World's Most Perverted Magician.' Here, he pulls a rabbit out of his assistant's crotch. Later, police would pull 17 assistants from out of his crawl space.

SOTG said...

When Hollywood remakes continue to go bad...

This scene from the soon-to-be-released "American Pie 4" has our main character screwing a hostess cupcake with the assistance of Dad. Hillarity ensues.

Kevin Walker said...

"You're no doctor!" "And you're no wrestler. Now cough!"

Kevin Walker said...

To help expediate drug testing, winners do not have to remove their clothing to give a urine sample.