Saturday, August 27, 2005

I Regret Nothing!

1. High fuel costs led to some major plot revisions to Dukes of Hazzard II.

2. Q. How do you know when a southerner's about to die? A. He says, "Hey, y'all, watch this!"

3. "... and if the waters reject your body, then the test is positive." Lance Armstrong increasingly felt like the French were just on a witch hunt.

4. The boy scout's escape was made easier by the fact that Barney Frank's pants were around his ankles.

5. "How do you like me now, E.T.? Yeah! Dunked your sorry alien ass."

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Divine Miss M said...

In an attempt to woo more of today's youth, fundamentalist Christian churches that practice baptism by immersion have come up with some innovative approaches.

carl said...
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Van Helsing said...

After the Snake River Canyon debacle in 1974, no one was paying much attention when Evel Knievel followed it up by riding a bicycle into a pond.

Chevy Rose said...

"I'M DYING...I'M DYING", was heard across the lake at the retirement home, causing four heart attacks.

SteveK said...

Actually, #2 should be: Q: What are a redneck's last words? A: "Hey y'all, watch this!"