Wednesday, August 31, 2005

How Much For Your Little Boys? Sell Them To Me!

1. "Yoo-hoo, Aladdin? Where are you?"

2. Michael Jackson goes prospecting for tissue donors to reconstruct his nose and strikes gold.

3. "You do WHAT with goats? That's sick! Aren't there any ten-year-old boys in your country?"

4. "... shaved and brought to my tent? Well, if the first part is even necessary, for get about it!"

5. "So, those 72 virgins I get if I martyr myself, does the Koran provide any information on... um, the precise nature of those virgins?"

6. Boyfinger is delighted to learn that under shari'a law all elementary school gym classes are clothing optional.

7. "Now, Mr. Jackson, if you should feel nervous when you address our youth group, just picture the audience naked. Surely, that will not be a problem for you."

8. "And so, you see, in addition to the investment potential, there are numerous tax advantages to locating in the... hello? hello? ... Damn, he's staring off again. Who's idea was it to hold our meeting in a middle school locker room?"

9. Magritte's lost masterpiece, Ceci n'est pas un pedophile.

10. "Hey, you can only depend on pay-offs and idiot juries for so long. What did you say the age of consent was here?"

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bubbalove said...

"Psst, Achmed. Is that my harem tent over there?" "Ahh, yes it is. There you will be able to sample the finest of our prepubescent illegitimate sons from our indentured house-slaves as befits the king of 'pop'."

Van Helsing said...

"You guys just wouldn't imagine how intolerant they can be back in America when a guy's sexual needs are just a little bit different. Say, why are those people over there gathering stones?"

Divine Miss M said...

"That one. That one there. Bathe him and shave him and have him brought to my tent!"

Rodney Dill said...

"Let's have some Jesu... I mean Mohammad juice and get sheet faced. tee hee."

Rodney Dill said...

"I've gotta go pee pee, anyone have a Koran?"

SOTG said...

In his 2018 prom photo, Michael Jackson's son "Prince" poses with father and several acquaintences he refers to only as his "man-friends".

Anonymous said...

Your blog is stupid. Just thought I'd let you know. Like you are trying to do some schtick or something. Don't leave your day job.