Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Greatest Generation

1. "I knew your dad in WWII. We used to go whoring together in Tokyo. Did you know you have a half-brother named Hoshi?"

2. "Wow! You really lost both shins fighting the Tojos in World War II?"

3. "Yeah, in WWII some crazy bitch used to camp outside Hyde Park and root for the Nazis. I put two bullets right between her eyes from 200 yards and I'm still a damn good shot, if you catch my meaning, Mr. President..."

4. "Wow, feel that forearm. You've been working out. Are you busy later, Mr. President?"

5. "Come on, Mr. President, Don't be shy. Dance with an old man and make him happy... Dance with me/I want my arms about you/The charms about you/Will carry me through to heaven/I'm in heaven/And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak..."

Typical Agendized AssPress Caption


Van Helsing said...

"It's all right, Mr. President. If you've got to fart that bad, just let it out."

bubbalove said...

I knew your mother back in the 40's, fantastic woman! Does she ever mention my name? No? I see. Well..by the way..umm...I've been diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson's..er.. you might want to keep that in mind!

G&R said...

van helsing,

You stole my caption! Just kidding. But seriously, the only thing that came to mind when I saw this picture was bad gas.


the most reverend jack habit said...

BUSH: "so THAT'S what one of them-there army outfits looks like! man, that thang looks a little fruity, thank gawd I never had to wear one - whew!"