Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Friends of Mother Moonbat

A Cindy supporter who identified himself as a former "Beatnik." It was Griff’s first encounter with a real, live Beatnik.

1. "Smelly, broke, and haven't worked since the late '60's, but enough about my genitalia. Did I mention I'm a hippie?"

2. "Nah, it's not tie-dyed. Some leftist Kool-Aid drinkers threw up on me."

3. Uncle Jesse found the hippie crowd to be far more tolerant of his special relationship with cousin Daisy.

4. "Wow, this is just like Woodstock for me. Back at Woodstock, I also made pot money by selling low numbers to foot fetishists outside the love tent."

5. Willie Nelson drops by Camp Moonbat to share tax advice with Cindy Sheehan, a.k.a. St. Joan of Crawford.*

* Thank You, Jeff

Patient Zero takes a break from protesting to work on his budding music career.

1. "My Other Guitar is a Syringe... and My Other Hairpiece Is Chartreuse."

2. "Lesbian Seagull/Settle down and rest with me/Fly with me lesbian seagull/To my little nest by the sea ... "

3. "Carrot Top annoying? Are you mad?"

4. "When my brothers and I played cowboys and Indians, I was always the Chinese railroad worker."

5. "That's right, I'm a freak! I look like Frankenfurter with a bad dye job! I snort drain cleaner! That's right, everybody take a big steamy look at the left-wing circus freak!"

6. Paul Schaffer never realized that his night of passion with Ronald McDonald would produce a love child.

7. I'd do a Fifth Element Reference, but did anybody even see that freakin' movie?

Hat Tip: Tony Snow


Lew Scannon said...

My Caption for the top photo:"i'm not here for the protest, I'm going out to the Bush Ranch to see if I can sniff out a long forgotten cocaine stash."

Anonymous said...

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jeff said...

Top Photo:
Willie Nelson, no, I'm not Willie Nelson. No, I won't sing you that *censored* "On the Road Again" song... Do you find Mother's idea of not paying taxes as attractive as I do?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Can I use some of your posts in my blog on my website?

V the K said...

Do you find Mother's idea of not paying taxes as attractive as I do?

That is exactly the Willia Nelson Angle I was looking for, but couldn't quite nail down. I'm going to add it.

jeff said...

For all the amusement you've given me, you're quite welcome to the idea. I like what you did with it as well.

Anonymous said...

It's been bothering me who I think that first hippy reminds me of. Now I got it: Bill O'Reilly.
It's O'Reilly in wig and beard.

Florida Cracker

Jonathan said...

"Lesbian Seagull/Settle down and rest with me/Fly with me lesbian seagull/To my little nest by the sea ... "

VK, the Beavis and Butthead Do America reference has put you at the top of my Christmas list, buddy! :-)

Also, I did see The Fifth Element...so I loved the obscure reference there, too!

Submariner said...

They said you died!
But I, I, I just KNEW you couldn't have; you're the GREATEST wizard that ever lived... But what are you doing down here at Camp Casey with Cybil?

Van Helsing said...

"Hey man, it's true! Saint Cindy can turn bong water into Thunderbird! I drank some myself!"

lawhawk said...

Just as long as you brought the multipass for your trip, you're okay.

Kevin Walker said...

Top photo:

"While this guy isn't really Willie, he came in 5th in the look-alike contest. Close enough."


After the fallout with Andrew Sullivan, the "boyfriend" now has the free time to compete in the "Carrot Top Look-Alike" contests. This year didn't look promising.

SOTG said...

Picture #1: That unfortunate Christmas, one of the Berkely moonbats laced his milk and cookies with LSD. That very same night, Mr. Kringle burned his red suit, sold his sled, and became one of "them".

Picture #2: Living proof that DNA tampering can have dire consequences, Larry was forced to explain to passers-by that his father was actually a bag of Cheetos.