Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cat Fight!

1. Is it blogger sweeps month already?

2. Erotic catfights are the highlight at every Clinton fundraiser... Bill's and Hillary's.

3. "Again! Again!" screamed the Tele-tubbies excitedly from off-stage.

4. "Hey! Those are my implants!"

5. Easy E's sad attempt to make the clock into the panel's center of attention was doomed to failure.

6. "Break it up, biyatches, or someone is going to get a 'time-out.'" Tyrone, the world's nicest pimp, disciplines his ho's.

7. "I wanna make motorboat noises!"

8. A long-time advocate of women's health, Senator Clinton insists on giving every woman who attends a fundraiser a personal breast exam lasting anywhere from five minutes to four-and-a-half hours.

9. They are neither real, nor are they spectacular.

10. "Too bad your face froze like that, nice jugs, though."

Hat tip: Divine Miss M

Unrelated But Nevertheless Entertaining Link: Stuff on my cat.


Van Helsing said...

"So it was just a rumor. I squeeze and squeeze, but they don't dispense any Cheez Whiz."

Van Helsing

tomslick said...

Nasdaq up 12 points due to the unexpected interest in silicon valley.

bubbalove said...

As evidenced by his presence as well as the clock on his chest, the 15 minutes of fame for these two has-beens had ran out some time time back in the '90's.

bubbalove said...

The sudden disappearance of washed-up 80's and 90's celebrities has been was traced back to the gravity vortex that spontaneously generated when these three came into close proximity to each other...

Anonymous said...

"More than a mouth full is just fat".

SOTG said...

Susan Powter realized she'd been "Punk'd" and quickly finds the hidden cameras.