Friday, August 12, 2005

"..and now, young Hillary, you will die."

1. "Wow! Check out Brigitte Neilson and Anna Nicole Smith. MEEEE-OW!"

2. "... at which time, all the insurgents will have been strung up and gutted and the legitimate Iraqi government... Oh, jeez. My hand motions have hypnotized you idiots again, haven't I? Chickens have more neural complexity than you leftist press hacks!"

3. "Yeah, I kicked Samuel L. Jackson's Jedi ass... and it felt g-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-d."

4. "Oogah Boogah!" Eventually, it became a bigger challenge to make Helen Thomas not wet her pants.

5. "Go ahead, press. Do your worst. I can still get more tail in one night than you do in your best year."

6. "And now, my impression of Ted Kennedy, frantically clawing his way out of the wreckage of Chappaquiddick."

7. His skills as a military administrator were renowned, but Rumsfeld never mastered the concept of "jazz hands."

Hat Tip: Bubbalove


John said...

So then, after our puppet government is in place in Iraq, I shall work the strings....thusly. Thereby, once and for all, transferring all of Iraq's oil into the hands of George W. Bush's oil buddies.

AM42 said...

Rumsfeld impressed the Senate with an awesome display of his telekinetic powers... that is until he made the rather bold- and ultimately futile- attempt to levitate Senator Kennedy.

Divine Miss M said...

We're not worthy! We're not worthy!

Van Helsing said...

"And now I will recite the incantations to reverse the curse and transform Helen Thomas back into a human."

Van Helsing

Chip said...

Totally pursuant to nothing, my computer suddenly won't let me load the pictures here. What did I do? Nada, zip, zilch.

Anyhoo, this picture could use your attention:

Mine is: "Do not anger the George Foreman Grill." Jimi Hendrix comes to mind also.

nram6chgs48kfez said...
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SOTG said...

"We believe Leftist-moonbattery has given Republicans a stronghold for at LEAST 10 more years. Thanks Karl!"

Anonymous said...

"These are not the WMD's you're looking for."