Monday, July 25, 2005

Walk This Way

Real Caption:President George W. Bush smiles as he walks across the South Lawn towards the Marine One helicopter with U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

1. "I know you use nicknames as a sign of affection, Mr. President, but does mine really have to be 'Speedy?'"

2. "It was your wife's idea, Speedy."

3. "Notice how their legs make an inverted 'W,' obviously a signal to the Halliburton-Diebolt-Thecon Cabal of John Roberts's intention to turn women's rights around." --- Democratic Underground Conspiracy Analyst.

4. "Is this your first trip to Camp David? Well, perhaps I should tell you about the 12 teenagers who were hacked to death there... exactly 10 years ago this weekend. By the way, Secret Service found a hockey mask in your cabin this morning, but I'm sure it means nothing."

5. "Speedy, how about let's not ruin another weekend getaway by whining about the time Rove hypnotized you and made you pee on the electric fence."

6. "Mr. President, this weekend isn't going to end up with you, me, and Rove getting shit-faced and going to a pasture to tip cows, is it?"


Tomslick said...

Oh Senor, I forgot to tell you,
Slow Poke Rodriguez, he pack a gun.

Jonathan said...

" he says, 'Rectum? It darned near killed him!' HAHAHAHA! Oh, that one slays me every time!"

Anonymous said...

6. Heathers....nice reference there.

Van Helsing said...

Heh heh. I just let another one. Smell good?

Van Helsing